Book on self-aware computing systems

Bernhard Rinner and his team intensively contributed to the book on self-aware computing systems published by Springer. This book comprehensively covers the latest results from a European Future Emerging Technologies project Engineering Proprioception in Computing Systems (EPiCS) and is the first ever to focus on the emerging field of self-aware computing from an engineering perspective.


Book description

Taking inspiration from self-awareness in humans, this book introduces the new notion of computational self-awareness as a fundamental concept for designing and operating computing systems. The basic ability of such self-aware computing systems is to collect information about their state and progress, learning and maintaining models containing knowledge that enables them to reason about their behaviour. Self-aware computing systems will have the ability to utilise this knowledge to effectively and autonomously adapt and explain their behaviour, in changing conditions.

This book addresses these fundamental concepts from an engineering perspective, aiming at developing primitives for building systems and applications. It will be of value to researchers, professionals and graduate students in computer science and engineering.

Bibliographic information

Lewis, Platzner, Rinner, Torresen, Yao. (Eds.):
Self-aware Computing Systems: An Engineering Approach. Springer, 2016
Available as eBook (ISBN 978-3-319-39675-0) and Hardcover (ISBN 978-3-319-39674-3)