Self-fulfilling prophecies: What causes a bank to fail?

We talk about self-fulfilling prophecies when something we have predicted comes true as a result of our conscious and unconscious actions. Jack Bryson, university assistant in the Ada Lovelace Programme, is using modelling and simulations to find out which social science phenomena can cause banks to fail. We encounter self-fulfilling […]

NES Workshop 2023

In the academic landscape, the importance of visibility in research and teaching cannot be overstated. This sentiment was at the forefront of discussions during our recent institute workshop, where participants focused on the intricate dynamics of attracting, recruiting, and lecturing. The two-day workshop, organized under the umbrella topic of “Visibility […]

Power grid restoration with a slime mold algorithm

After an extensive period of comprehensive research, encompassing literature review, hypothesis formulation, modeling, implementation, and several weeks of simulation, we showcased our paper titled “A Graph-Based Approach for Applying Biologically-Inspired Slime Mold Algorithms for Repairing a Power Transmission Network after an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack” at the 2nd International Conference on […]

Interference by drones to ground users

Aerial drones connected to cellular networks can affect the throughput of common cell phone users. System-level simulation results were presented at an ACM MobiSys workshop earlier this week. Today’s commercial drones rely on Wi-Fi and proprietary technologies for wireless connectivity. Alternatively, drones could connect to cellular networks, like 5G, which […]

From Rollstuhl to robotics: A journey of discovery for young minds

Ms. Cornelia Klein, has been working as a university assistant at the Institute for Public Business Administration of Alpen Adria University for three years and passes by the “Bunte Knöpfe” kindergarten at Lakeside Park every day in her wheelchair. In the past, there have been individual questions from the children […]

Activity monitoring to age safely in the digital era

In “Ageing Safely in the Digital Era: A New Unobtrusive Activity Monitoring Framework Leveraging on Daily Interactions with Hand-Operated Appliances” (Bousbiat, Leitner and Elmenreich 2022), we suggest a new interactive framework to unobtrusively monitor elderlies’ behavior based on their interaction with electrical appliances involved in their daily activities. Due to […]

ICE is the ideal combination of electrical engineering and computer science

Florian Huber completed an apprenticeship in electrical engineering and spent several years working as electronic engineer and calibration officer in the electronics industry. Today, he is a student in the Bachelor’s degree programme in Information and Communications Engineering, and additionally he works as teaching assistant and tutor. The Carinthian spoke […]

Alumna Samira Hayat is a Rising Star

Samira Hayat | Foto: Lakeside Labs Samira Hayat is currently a member of the Lakeside Labs GmbH research team. Hayat completed her doctorate at the University of Klagenfurt and has contributed to numerous research projects aimed at the ongoing development of drones as well as the use of 5G networks […]