Z1 sensor nodes

Efficient time synchronization of sensor networks by means of time series analysis

Wireless sensor networks have many applications, ranging from industrial process automation to environmental monitoring. Researchers at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt have recently developed a time synchronization technique and have carried out experimental performance testing. The method developed learns the behavior of the sensor clocks, making it particularly efficient in terms of […]

A tool called “drone”

The essence of my TEDx talk at CERN is that technology isn’t inherently evil, but humans in command of technology must become more human-friendly.

Bit error rate in Poisson networks

In mobile communication systems, like UMTS or WLAN, the transmissions of different mobile devices interfere with each other. For example, when a mobile device transmits signals to its base station, other mobile devices transmitting on the same frequency band cause interference at that base station, which in turn may result […]

In motion: Video transmission by mobile drones

The information technology specialist Raheeb Muzaffar has developed an application-layer framework that improves the transmission of videos between moving drones and mobile devices located at ground level. His work within the ICE doctoral programme will be completed soon. He explains what makes this technology innovative and talks about his plans […]

Award for paper on security in power-line communications

“Andrea Tonello and his former PhD student Alberto Pittolo have received the prestigious IET 2016 Premium Award for the best paper published in IET Communications in the past two years. The paper on physical layer security in power line communication networks is a landmark paper that sheds new light on […]

Vision-based surveillance systems

Researchers from the Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems at the University of Klagenfurt have published results on different aspects of vision-based surveillance systems.

Book on self-aware computing systems

Bernhard Rinner and his team intensively contributed to the book on self-aware computing systems published by Springer. This book comprehensively covers the latest results from a European Future Emerging Technologies project Engineering Proprioception in Computing Systems (EPiCS) and is the first ever to focus on the emerging field of self-aware […]

UWB sensor networks in airplanes

Modern airplanes are equipped with hundreds of embedded sensors and actuators necessary for structural health monitoring, aircraft control, and passenger and crew assistance. These devices are typically interconnected by wires. Using wireless connections instead of wires improves flexibility of installations and reduces the airplane’s weight. Researchers from Airbus Group Innovations […]

Energy-aware mobile robot exploration

This work presents an approach for energy efficient path planning during autonomous mobile robot exploration. The idea is for a robot to efficiently explore the environment and periodically return to the starting point of the exploration for recharging the battery. The focus is to reduce the overall travel path as […]