IEEE ComSoc distinguished lecturer award

Andrea Tonello, professor for embedded communication systems at the institute of networked and embedded systems of the AAU, has been appointed IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer for the term 2018-19.

The ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer Program provides the means for ComSoc chapters and other organizations to identify and arrange lectures by renowned authorities on communications and networking-related topics. It enables distinguished IEEE ComSoc lecturers and prominent speakers to schedule lectures and obtain financial support.

I am very thankful to ComSoc for this award in recognition of my research results in wireless and power line communications and of my ability to contribute further to the scientific community by offering lectures and tutorials. I would like to exploit this great opportunity to disseminate further the verb of power line communications, its application to smart grids, its role in the context of the electrification of transportation, as well as, to discuss classic but still very relevant topics, for instance in 5G, vehicular networks and aerial robotics applications, such as transmission waveforms, filter bank modulations, antenna arrays, localization and navigation techniques.

Andrea Tonello