NES Workshop 2023

In the academic landscape, the importance of visibility in research and teaching cannot be
overstated. This sentiment was at the forefront of discussions during our recent institute
workshop, where participants focused on the intricate dynamics of attracting, recruiting, and
lecturing. The two-day workshop, organized under the umbrella topic of “Visibility in Research
and Teaching
“, took place at Sankt Georgen am L√§ngsee, and provided a platform for insightful
conversations and strategies aimed at improving our institute’s position in the academic field.

Day One: Research Visibility – Attracting and Recruiting Top Talents

The first day of the workshop focused on the critical aspect of research visibility. The institute
head Christian Bettstetter gave a welcome and inspiration address. Then, the morning sessions
began with an exploration of innovative methods to enhance the visibility of our institute’s
research. Participants engaged in discussions on leveraging digital platforms, collaborating with
industry partners, and utilizing social media to disseminate research findings. One key takeaway
was the need for a dedicated approach to talent acquisition. Establishing a strong online
presence through faculty profiles, showcasing impactful research projects, and maintaining an
active presence at conferences were identified as key strategies.

Day Two: Teaching for Modernization – Attracting Engaged Students

The second day of the workshop shifted the focus to teaching and its role in attracting a diverse
student body. It is imperative for institutes to adapt their teaching methodologies to meet the
evolving needs of students. Thus, the discussions on Day Two acknowledged the unique
challenges posed by language differences, larger student populations, and program

A highlight of our intellectual journey was the talk from the distinguished guest Prof. Dr. Marco
Platzner from the University of Paderborn, Germany. During the session, the professor shared
insights into their cutting-edge research initiatives on Deep Learning for Field Programmable
Gate Arrays (FPGAs) as well as other activities currently carried out at his home University.

The workshop was not confined to the domain of academia, though. Various team-building
activities served to build a cohesive community. A walk around lake Längsee allowed for
informal conversations to flow. Finally yet importantly, the panels featuring alumni and
professors added a discussion perspective to the workshop, allowing the diverse community of
NES attending the event to emerge in fruitful discussions about industry, academia and other
interesting topics.

What did you enjoy the most during the workshop:

~ Arif Muhammad: The team building game where we had to create the tallest structure using
paper, tape and pasta was really enjoyable. The food was great too!

~ Rockson Agyeman: Escaping from the office for a couple of days was refreshing. The
amenities as well as the food were excellent.

~ Frank Ebong: The cooperation between different groups was fruitful. The venue was amazing
and very conducive for the workshop.

This event was organized by Kyriakos Lite, Nicola Novello, Udo Schilcher, and Johannes Winkler