Embedded Communication Systems


The Embedded Communication Systems (EcoSys) group performs research in electronics and telecommunications to develop solutions in several application domains: cyber physical systems, internet of things, smart mobility, smart grids, and smart factories. Advanced data connectivity solutions are investigated based on radio and power line communications. Emphasis is given to measurement, characterization and modeling; algorithms and protocols; signal processing; and fast prototyping.

Measurement procedures are developed to characterize the propagation media, the non-idealities of hardware baseband and RF platforms, the performance of communication systems.

Wireless communications are researched. Physical layer techniques: MIMO systems, filter bank modulation systems, ultra wide band systems, channel coding, statistical signal processing, physical layer security. MAC algorithms: resource allocation, energy efficient protocols. Network layer: convergence mechanisms for heterogeneous networks. Furthermore, localization and navigation systems are studied.

Power line communications is an exciting field of research and development where spectral efficient, reliable communication schemes are realized over existing wires. Application scenarios include in-home (low voltage), outdoor (low, medium and high voltage), and in-vehicle (car, ship, airplane). In our lab we are developing and testing transmission technology, channel models and software and hardware simulators.

Electronics and signal processing are applied in various domains, including energy, power management and systems for the smart car, control in the industrial environment.


Smart Grid Technology – A Master Programme (SGT-MAP, Erasmus+ KA2)
Boosting the Telecommunications Engineer Profile to Meet Modern Society and Industry Needs (BENEFIT, Erasmus+ CBHE)


  • Communications
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Introductory Lab: Embedded Systems
  • Signal Processing for Communications
  • Advanced Wireless Communications
  • Power Line Communications

And several seminars and student projects.