Power grid restoration with a slime mold algorithm

After an extensive period of comprehensive research, encompassing literature review, hypothesis formulation, modeling, implementation, and several weeks of simulation, we showcased our paper titled “A Graph-Based Approach for Applying Biologically-Inspired Slime Mold Algorithms for Repairing a Power Transmission Network after an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack” at the 2nd International Conference on […]

Activity monitoring to age safely in the digital era

In “Ageing Safely in the Digital Era: A New Unobtrusive Activity Monitoring Framework Leveraging on Daily Interactions with Hand-Operated Appliances” (Bousbiat, Leitner and Elmenreich 2022), we suggest a new interactive framework to unobtrusively monitor elderlies’ behavior based on their interaction with electrical appliances involved in their daily activities. Due to […]

Swarm intelligence for controlling industrial plants

The photo above is not from a meeting with extreme COVID protection measures but a visit to Infineon’s semiconductor fab at the beginning of our project SWILT (Swarm Intelligence Layer to Control Autonomous Agents). After three years, this research project has now come to a successful end. The SWILT project […]