Doctoral Graduates


Dr. Markus Gutmann
Mission Specification and Execution of Multidrone-Systems
Now Software Engineer at PEER Group GmbH Dresden, Germany


Dr. Niels Arke Vogell
Non-synchronizing states in pulse-coupled oscillator networks
Now Software Development Engineer at Amazon Web Services, Irland

Dr. Hafsa Bousbiat
Evaluating Neural Load Disaggregation for Ambient Assisted Living Applications

Dr. Ekanki Sharma
Energy Forecasting based on Predictive Data Mining Techniques in Smart Energy Grids
Now Scientific Researcher at AEE INTEC, Austria


Dr. √Ād√°m Erd√©lyi
Protection and Evaluation of Privacy in Visual Data
Now Delivery Lead at Genetec Austria

Dr. Davide Righini
New Insights on Signal Propagation Through Power Lines
Now Co-Founder at PiktID, Klagenfurt

Dr. Midhat Jdeed
Applications of Swarm Robotics in Engineering and Education
Now Embedded Software Engineer at Magna Auteca AG, Klagenfurt

Dr. Sascha Einspieler
Flexible Real-Time Control and Diagnostic System for Application Related Stress Testing
Now Lab Engineer KAI GmbH, Villach


Dr. Agata BarciŇõ
Synchronizing and Swarming Robots
Now Senior Researcher at the Technology Innovation Institute, Abu Dhabi

Dr. Micha Sende
Energy-Aware Exploration with Autonomous Robot Teams
Now Senior Researcher at Lakeside Labs, Klagenfurt

Dr. Petra MaŇĺdin
Communication-Aware Multi-Robot Coordination for Simultaneous Coverage
Now Senior Robotics Engineer at Gideon Brothers, Croatia

Dr. Babak Salamat
Modeling and Control of Underactuated Mechanical Systems: The Swash Mass Helicopter and the Swash Mass Pendulum
Now Post-doctoral researcher at Technische Hochschule, Ingolstadt

Dr. Mahin K. Atiq
Interference dynamics in wireless networks
Now Researcher at Silicon Austria Labs, Linz

Dr. Samira Hayat
Drone networks for search and rescue
Now Senior Researcher at Lakeside Labs, Klagenfurt, and Manager at SPIKI, Linz

Dr. Pasquale Grippa
Job assignment, access control and dimensioning in autonomous transportation systems
Now Senior Researcher at Lakeside Labs, Klagenfurt


Dr. J√ľrgen Scherer
Multi-robot persistent surveillance with connectivity constraints
Now Researcher at Silicon Austria Labs, Villach


Dr. Jennifer Simonjan
Resource-efficient and resilient self-calibration in distributed visual sensor networks
Now at Lead Researcher at the Technology Innovation Institute, Abu Dhabi, and Co-Founder of PikdID, Klagenfurt

Dr. Federico Passerini
Exploitation of the power line channel properties to enable new applications
Now R&D Engineer at Infineon Technologies, Austria

Dr. Omair Sarwar
Facial privacy protection in airborne recreational videography
Now Computer Vision System Engineer at Mission Embedded, Vienna

Dr. Subhan Ullah
Secure camera nodes for IoT applications
Now Assistant Professor at the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Pakistan


Dr. Ihtesham Haider
Trustworthy and privacy-aware sensing for internet of things
Now Firmware Engineer at Apple, Linz

Dr. Sarmad Ahmed Shaikh
Radio localization based on angle of arrival in EMS lens assisted massive MIMO
Now Assistant Professor at PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology (KIET), Pakistan


Dr. Venkata Pathuri Bhuvana
Robust and efficient techniques for multi-sensor information filtering
Now at Silicon Austria Labs, Linz

Dr. Manfred Rabl-Pöchacker
Modeling and simulation of smart microgrids and power profiles
Now Researcher at Energie- und Telecom Service, Vienna

Dr. Wasif Masood
Evaluation of time synchronization in real deployments of wireless sensor networks
Now Now Founder at Empirisch Tech, Vienna


Dr. Raheeb Muzaffar
Routing and video streaming in drone networks
Now Researcher at Silicon Austria Labs, Linz

Dr. Benjamin Steinwender
A distributed controller network for modular power stress tests
Now Senior Engineer at KAI Kompetenzzentrum Automobil- und Industrieelektronik, Villach

Dr. Andrea Monacchi
Assisting energy management in smart buildings and microgrids
Now Research Engineer at Unipol Group, Italy

Dr. Christian Hofbauer
Design and analysis of unique word OFDM
Now Researcher at Silicon Austria Labs, Linz

Dr. Dominik Egarter
Load disaggregation applications using active power measurements
Now Information Analyst at KELAG, Klagenfurt

Dr. Melanie Schranz
Design space exploration for coordination and control strategies in visual sensor networks
Now Senior Researcher at Lakeside Labs, Klagenfurt


Dr. Matteo Agostinelli
Nonlinear control for integrated DC-DC converters
Now Senior Manager for R&D at Infineon Technologies, Villach

Dr. Asif Khan
Coordinated unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance of targets
Now Senior Researcher at 20face, Netherlands

Dr. Torsten Andre
Autonomous exploration by robot teams: Coordination, communication, and collaboration
Now Project Manager at Infineon Technologies, Villach

Dr. G√ľnther Brandner¬†
Experimental evaluation of firefly synchronization and cooperative relaying in wireless networks
Now working at KELAG, Klagenfurt

Dr. Christoph Unterrieder 
Design, modeling and implementation of a battery management fuel gauge IC
Now Concept Engineer at Infineon Technologies, Villach


Dr. Alexander Gogolev
Randomized binary majority consensus
Now Lead Researcher at Huawei Research Center, Munich

Dr. Muhidul Islam Khan
Resource-aware task scheduling in wireless sensor networks
Now Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Stavanger, Norway

Dr. Lukas Esterle
Autonomous distributed tracking in networks of self-organised smart cameras
Now Associate Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark

Dr. István Fehérvári
On evolving self-organzing technical systems
Now Director of Data Science at Loblaw Digital, Toronto


Dr. Siegfried Brandstätter
Advanced interface and control architectures for multi-standard RF transceivers
Now System Engineer at DMCE, Linz

Dr. Bernhard Dieber
Resource-aware reconfiguration of visual sensor networks
Now Lab Head at Dynatrace, Klagenfurt

Dr. Umair Ali Khan
Online learning of timeout policies for dynamic power management
Now Research Scientist at Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen

Dr. Johannes Klinglmayr
Self-organizing network synchronization: Convergence and robustness in pulse-coupled oscillator systems
Now Area Manager at the Linz Center of Mechatronics, Linz

Dr. Nikolaj Marchenko
Resource-efficient relay selection in cooperative wireless networks
Now Research Engineer at Robert Bosch, Renningen

Dr. Alexander Onic
Receiver concepts for unique word OFDM
Now System Architect at Robert Bosch Automotive Electronics, Linz

Dr. Robert Priewasser
Modeling, control, and digital implementation of DC-DC converters under variable switching frequency operation
Now Concept Engineer at Infineon Technologies, Villach

Dr. Daniel Wischounig-Strucl
Resource aware and incremental mosaics of wide areas from small-scale UAVs
Now Teacher at HTL Mössingerstrasse, Klagenfurt

Dr. Saeed Yahyanejad
Orthorectified mosaicking of images from small-scale unmanned aerial vehicles
Now Senior Data Scientist at Crayon, Oslo


Dr. Sérgio Crisóstomo
Information dissemination in random networks
Now Assistant Professor at the University of Porto, Porto

Dr. techn. Thomas Marc Schlechter
MRLC filter banks for blocker detection in LTE systems
Now Professor at the Fachhochschule Oberösterreich

Dr. Andreas Weiss
Vollkohärente FPGA basierte radarsignalverarbeitung
Now Johanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft


Dr. Helmut Adam
Cooperative diversity in wireless networks: Relay selection and medium access
Now Team Leader, Software Development, at SSI Schaefer, Graz

Dr. Clemens Buchacher
Equalization and channel estimation for HSDPA
Now Technical Lead at AILY LABS, Germany

Dr. Udo Schilcher
Inhomogeneous node distribution and interference in wireless networks
Now Senior Researcher, University of Klagenfurt

Dr. Thomas Winkler
Security and privacy in smart camera networks
Now Software Verification Engineer at AMS, Premstätten

Before 2011

Dr. Andreas Starzacher
Multi-sensor real-time data fusion on embedded computing platforms
Now Senior Project Leader R&D at Infineon Technologies, Villach
and External Lecturer at FH Kärnten, Villach

Dr. Alexander Tyrrell
Firefly synchronization in wireless networks
Now Software Developer at BMW, Munich area

Postdoctoral Researchers

Privatdozent Dr. Tamer Khatib
Now Professor at An-Najah National University

Dr. Alessandro Crismani
Now Test and Measurement Engineer at u-blox, Trieste

Dr. Michael Lunglmayr
Now Associate Professor at JKU, Linz

Dr. Markus Quaritsch
Now Lecturer at TU Graz, Graz

Dr. Jorge F. Schmidt
Department Head at Digital Factory Vorarlberg

Dr. Anita Sobe
Now Tech Architect and Executive Director at UBS, Z√ľrich

Dr. Vladimir Vukadinovic
Now Senior Specialist at Nokia Networks, Poland

Dr. Evsen Yanmaz Adam
Now Associate Professor at √Ėzyeńüin University


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Huemer
Now Professor at JKU, Linz